About Equitred

Raymond L Shergold (Managing Director)

Ray Shergold, EquitredRay first started constructing arenas and gallops back in 1983. At the time, the main business was purely plant and machinery hire and the enquiries for arenas came more from a necessity of construction equipment to undertake the task.

The majority of the early schools consisted of a basic hard stone base and wood fibre surface, as you can see from the early photo’s. Although relatively basic, These were still a vast improvement on grass riding and produced the first real glimpse of the all weather surfaces that are now available.

By 1989, Equitred was formed and undertaking a vast range of arenas gallops and other associated work within the industry. By this time, development of synthetic recycled materials such as granulated rubber, mixed with Silica (sands), were providing true all year round performance, which still remains as one of the most popular choices of surface today.

After 22 years, Ray is still at the forefront of Equitred arenas and gallops. The experience gained from those early years to the present day has provided him with a wealth of knowledge and techniques required to construct high quality arenas efficiently and effectively, often comprising innovative solutions to undertake and complete difficult projects where others have failed to do so.

First Equitred School

First school Ray built (1983)

In addition, this experience also allows Ray and the team to be very effective at diagnosing issues with arenas constructed by others. In most cases, an effective plan is developed to either repair, if relatively new and not functioning correctly or refurbish, if the arena is becoming aged, without the requirement of a full reconstruction, often saving huge costs and disruption to the surrounding infrastructure.


Steven R Shergold (Director)

Steve Shergold, EquitredFrom a very early age, Steven has been very involved in the family businesses, on both the commercial and equestrian aspects. By the time he had completed his education, he already had a wealth of knowledge and techniques passed down by his father.

To continually improve the customer offering, Steven paid additional attention to the construction aspect of the business to further his skills regarding the development of buildings and infrastructure related with larger equine developments. This involved a wide range of activity across many different sectors of the construction industry.

The result is an effective and dedicated team that can undertake a wide spectrum of activity, while maintaining the core values found within family businesses. Whether creating a modest arena for a private customer, or constructing large equestrian centre, Equitred has the skills and resources to deliver outstanding equestrian projects.