Other Services

At Equitred, we believe it is important that we are able to coordinate and undertake a diverse range of activities so as to offer the customer as much continuity in their projects as possible. A collective of skills, trades and associates, developed over many years, has provided us with ability to undertake complex projects with confidence.

Below is a selection of additional services managed or undertaken by Equitred Ltd and its partners. 


  • Barns/steel frame buildings
  • Viewing galleries
  • Stables and tack rooms
  • Domestic structures

Civil engineering:

  • Roads
  • Paths
  • Fencing and gates (live stock and security)
  • Service installations (cables, pipes and drains)
  • External lighting

Equipment and materials:

  • Maintenance machinery
  • Arena graders.
  • Water sprinklers/water systems
  • Supply only surfaces.