Arena Maintenance

It is no secret. The true long term success of any arena or gallop lies within the quality of the maintenance programmes.  This is again where experience and a good understanding of the customer’s requirements become essential when configuring the maintenance best suited to the desired use.

Arena MaintenanceAt Equitred, there are no “off-the-shelf” maintenance programmes. Instead, we asses every arena or gallop on its individual basis, taking into account a range of criteria including:

Potential usage: The spectrum of potential usage is wide, from private domestic arenas with only the occasional ride, to highly active livery yards and riding schools with 365 day use. Understanding how different surfaces behave under these diverse situations is key in scheduling the maintenance correctly.

Customer infrastructure:  Another key element is in assessing the customer’s available infrastructure to undertake the maintenance programme itself. As an example, a customer with access to machinery may be able to undertake a comprehensive schedule of maintenance. In other cases, Equitred will manage and undertake a maintenance schedule where access to suitable equipment is not readily available to the customer.

The environment:   From constructing arenas across the UK, Equitred has experienced how different environments alter how a surface may behave. From areas that are predominantly dry and gusty to those that are damper with frequent rain, configuring the maintenance correctly means that the surface continues to perform as required.

Equitred GuaranteeOur promise to you

At the Heart of all Equitred activity, are the values upheld by a proud family business. It is not only our drive to produce outstanding arenas, gallops and facilities, but also our continued commitment to our work, far beyond its completion.  Our customer service policy is simple: Friendly, approachable and always happy to hear from our customers, both new and old.

We understand the importance of your investment and our standard guarantee is 5 years. However, with a comprehensive maintenance plan by Equitred, our guarantees can be extend to an impressive 15 years!

To learn more about our maintenance programmes and some the terms and conditions, please contact one of our team who will be happy to discuss further.