Gallop Construction

Producing exceptional all weather gallops relies on bringing high quality materials and construction techniques, then blending them seamlessly into the surrounding countryside.

Given the long distances involved, it is crucial that all elements are taken into account to ensure the riding surface remains consistent over the entire length of the course.

The key to achieve this is to ensure that the construction methods and surface choice allows for an efficient and effective maintenance program, configured in a way that is best suited to the customer’s abilities to undertake as required.

Gallop Construction

At Equitred, we have constructed various gallops using a wide range of surface combinations and techniques to produce the training surface best suited to our customer’s requirements. This provides safer year round galloping along with a consistent surface to improve both confidence and the measuring of performance.

To find out more about Equitred gallops and the options available, Give one of our team a call or just fill in the form on the home page and we will be happy to call you back.