Arena Construction

Equitred arenas are built to the highest standards using only the best materials selected for the required use. Over the 22 years, we have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in what makes a great ménage and it is something in which we pride ourselves on. Although the most frequently constructed sizes are; 40m x 20m, 60m x 20m and 60m x 40m we construct arenas to any size often meeting the bespoke requirements that fit the customer needs or geographical situation.

Horse Arena ConstructionOur most popular surface is carefully selected Silica sands and rubber granules that forms an excellent all round arena for multiple equine applications. Where the requirements are more specific, Equitred will work with a wide range of available products to ensure the surface meets the required criteria.

In fact, the range of options for both finish surface and construction type is extensive. It is in this aspect that we listen closely to the customer’s requirements so that we can come up with the correct proposal that encompasses:

  • Performance
  • Safety
  • Style
  • Maintenance
  • Budget

The end result is a high quality, durable working facility that with the correct maintenance structure will continue to give consistently good performance year after year.

To discover more about our Arenas, or any other of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch where one of our team will be glad to hear from you.