Equitred is proud of its heritage and we are always pleased to hear from our customers, both new and old. Some of these customers, who have been using Equitred since the early nineties, have taken the time to send us some brief comments on their experience of working with Equitred over the years.

Mr Paul Thorman. Trickledown Stud Ltd. Stockbridge. Lunge arena

“Equitred helped us build our lunge back in 1992. It has been very successful and several people have adopted the design and specifications for their own lunge arenas. As we use our lunge 365 days a year, we rely on Equitred to replace the surface within a single day. They have managed this major feat several times to our complete satisfaction.”

Shirley Near. Brympton Riding School. Outdoor arena.

Equitred first installed the school back in the early nineties using a wood fibre surface. Over the years, we have continued to monitor the school with bi-annual inspections and in 2001, converted the school to a silica sand and rubber surface. Over fifteen years on since the original construction and the school is working perfectly. When we asked Mrs. Near if she would describe the service she has received from Equitred over the year, she kindly replied with “Absolutely delighted”.